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At Capricio Salon & Spa, our talented team will give you the unique, stylish look that complements your personality and your lifestyle.



At Capricio Salon & Spa, our talented team will give you the unique, stylish look that complements your personality and your lifestyle.

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Long hair has always been considered the epitome of feminine beauty. Nothing has changed…

The dream of long hair perfection is often only met with great difficulties. Environmental factors, stress, chemical treatments, and burden on the hair tend to worsen its condition. Hair should always be trimmed; therefore, only with great care and patience (hair grows approximately one inch per month) can the dream of long, healthy, and natural hair be realized. Natural predisposition and dietary habits also play an important role.

It’s faster and more convenient with hair extensions. It’s virtually indistinguishable from natural hair and in only a few hours makes hair length, volume, and almost any desired hair style possible!

Capricio Salon & Spa is certified and specialized in providing Hair Extensions Milwaukee.

We offer free consultations.

You can have the hair you want.

Your hair is much more than just an accessory. When it looks good, you feel good. So what would make your hair better? Do you wish it was longer? Fuller? A different color?

It’s now easier than ever to make that change. Hair extensions can add instant length, volume, and chemical-free color to your hair to create a whole new look.

It’s simple, long-lasting, and safe.

It takes just one salon visit. Our 100% human hair extensions are versatile and easy to maintain. And they last for months without damaging your natural hair.

Prices: Factors that affect hair extensions cost

There are many factors that affect hair extension cost once you’ve selected the type you want. For example, the more hair you need, the higher the price will be. Quality is also a huge factor as synthetic hair extensions are cheap (in more than one way). Then, there’s several different qualities of real hair extensions, with Remy hair extensions being one of the best. So, explore the possibilities and factors that can reduce or hike up your hair extensions cost.


“Capricio Salon is the BEST spot in Milwaukee to get your hair done at a very fair price! If you want flawless hair in terms of cut, color, or extensions, look no further! Trust me when I say I don’t ever even leave reviews, but this is one place worth reviewing. From the moment I walked in for a consultation to now becoming a regular client, I can assure you they will not only make you feel “at home”, but that you can trust their whole team will take care of you & your hair! To me, this is a priceless feeling to experience in a hair salon because for me personally prior to coming here going into a hair salon would cause me fear and anxiety that I won’t like the results in the end. So now it’s such a blessing to have found a place I can feel completely secure in the “finished product”. The Capricio owner and team will ensure no matter what that you leave loving your hair. I’ve really appreciated the owner’s hospitality and involvement in his business because it leaves you with a sense of security and appreciation as a customer. Not many businesses offer this level of expertise, comfort, or quality, and that’s why I will always bring my business back to Capricio! Big thank you to the owner and staff for always taking care of me; words cannot describe how grateful I am for you all!!”

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